The ‘P’ language of Success

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Do you know about the “P” language? It’s a game children play in school where they use the letter ‘p’ in between all the letters of the word. It’s very difficult at the start but once you get the hang of it, it becomes easy and is a fun to play. It gives a great feeling of success and achievement!

Success has a ‘p’ language of its own. Do you know it? Add the ‘P’ to each letter of the word and have fun!

S‘ – Plan

Only when you know where you want to go can you go there and reach it. So first things first, set your goal. Understand the direction you want to start treading. Be specific. Your goal can’t be ‘I want to be happy in life’. It has to be concrete like, ‘I want to positively touch lives of a million people through my profession and blog and that would make me happy’.

U‘ – Passion

Love what you do because only then can you do it well. If your heart is not there your head can’t support you for too long. Intellectually we can only achieve moderate success but when our heart and soul is in what we do, the sky is not the limit…. the universe is!

C‘ – Patience

“Patience is a virtue.” They teach us that in school and we forget all about it the moment we are done with school. We feel rushed all the time and try to do whatever comes our way as long as we are in action mode! Relax, wait, watch… things will go your way.

C‘ – Persistence

In the rat race to achieve, we forget that the tortoise won the race (remember the fable about the hare and the tortoise). Most of us try to become the hare, have a burnout and sleep. The successful are slow and steady (steady being the key word) Things will not always go as per plan but keep at it. Persistence pays in more ways than one.

E‘ – Praise

Appreciate your efforts every single small or big step of the way. Most of us only focus on how far we still are from our goal rather than how close we’ve got to it. Imagine if you had to climb a ladder looking only at the top. Chances are you’ll miss a step and fall backwards. Watch your step, focus only on the next step and once you’ve climbed it, smile and tell yourself “good job done”. Before you know it, you’ll be right on top!

S‘ – Positivity

Keep your mind positive. Read positive literature, hear positive music, watch positive movies, write positive stuff. There is plenty of positivity around, find it within and outside of you and use it. When you fill yourself with positivity your environment will automatically begin to become positive and together positive growth will happen.

S‘ – Pray

Whether you are an atheist or you believe in God, trust the fact that there is an energy unknown to us which supports us. Believe in it and keep the faith. Your trust in yourself and the energy will give you the strength to plan, be passionate, patient, persistent, praise worthy and positive.

So go ahead and bring your childhood back. Play the game of SpUpCpCpEpSpSp. You’ll come out a winner for sure!

Saloni Sawnani

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